Saturday, May 14, 2011

8 Humans Celebrate 8 Chickens Home

On a cool rainy May day, what do you suppose the other 3 million Chicago residents did?

Who knows! But whatever I doubt it was as immensely satisfying as ushering eight robust Rhode Island Reds from their brooder upstairs at Bruce's... their gorgeous new digs, replete with deep coffee bean chaff bedding from Intelligentsia.

Bruce with his beautiful handiwork,
including pieces of reclaimed lumber oiled to a smart finish

Perches with feeder in position

Hi Art, Leah, and Ala

The move crew:
Leah, Rob, Brad, Art, Bruce, Ala, and Blake

First chicken honors go to Bruce

Blake and his bird

These chickens kept us smiling for portraits

Me too

Raw food guy Blake
knows what they want

Getting the waterer up.
Plus, early adopter finds food

Carl had fun exploring...

...and we finished with a St Germaine-fresh lemon-fizzy water toast 
to chickens come home to roost

What an excellent day. To watch all the chicken-lovin' action, click here (thanks, Rob!)...


Debbie said...

Bruce, Congrats on building your new chicken coup and raising 8 fine hens. It's been fun watching them grow up. Sorry to have missed the official ceremonies but Little Green Girl and I will be by to say hello soon.

Neeli said...

This is incredible! I am so happy for y'all! Loved reading about the building of it, and to see it completed, makes me happy.

Dan said...

Well done, it's a good lookin coop

Hope you're thinking about a new feeder and waterer though. Those ladies will knock over the feeder and/or poop in it very quickly. Also, the waterer should be way bigger. I use a 5 gallon bucket and with three hens it needs to be filled about every 3-4 weeks

Bruce said...


The waterer you see in the photo is the one they used in their brooder. I thought a little continuity would do them good and I don't mind filling it up for a while longer.

I'm going to install a larger 5 gallon bucket with poultry watering nipples out in the run in the next few days.

Bruce said...

Also the feeder, which is missing the loose top that keeps them from sitting on top of it, will likewise be replaced with a larger version that will hang in the run.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

I don't know who is the luckiest, the chickens or the people that have them :o)