Friday, January 20, 2012

Fresh Greens on a Snowy Day in Chicago

Up on the roof, Art's new snow gauge shows we're nearing 5 inches here in Chicago, good insulation for the beehive (at left in the picture) we hope. Shot this on the monitor down here in our toasty warm living space after shoveling those same 5 inches across the breadth of our generous sidewalk. 17 degrees F outside. The snow is beautiful.

On the second floor, the cool-weather greens are thriving in their SIPs, if slowly in the chill.

And down here: salad!


Terry Bloom said...

Hopefully someone can help me... my name is Terry Bloom and I manage the Chicago operations for River Valley Ranch(the mushroom people). One of our loyal consumers( whose name and information I have misplaced in my travels and,yes, i know i should be ashamed) has become one of my favorite people to talk to over the past couple of years at the Wicker Park market and she shared Green Roof Growers with me. I spoke to her about my upcoming trip to India to work with farmers on watershed development and related farming challenges in the drylands of India (on the trip now), and she said that there may be interest in me posting some observations and such while working here.

Please let me know if you can direct me in the right direction. I would love to contribute if it would be appropriate.

Keep up the awesome work-- you are all an inspiration!



Debbie said...

That looks like a lovely assortment of greens. What are you growing?

H2 said...

Hi Terry:
It's me, H2, your talkative farmers market mushroom lover. Bruce is going to email you the keys to the blog so you can post your agriculture observations while in India.

We're all happy you'll be sharing.

H2 said...

Funny you should ask about the greens. At a certain point in the seed harvest of last year's greens I lost track of what I was harvesting. Thus a couple mystery greens, likely the new ones last year from Bountiful Gardens.

Plus all the usual other suspects: bok choy, tatsoi, mustard, arugula, wrinkled crinkled crumpled cress.

How are your greens doing under your low hoop?

H2 said...

Bruce wrote you at your blogger aol email, so please check it or if not active email us at

Greenroofgrowers [at] gmail [dot] com

Debbie said...

H2, I hope to check under the hoops this week and do a little maintenance. It's a little muddy in the garden now that the snow has melted.

It's just about time to do some winter sowing soon!

H2 said...

Thanks for the reminder on winter sowing. I'm going to get ready...