Thursday, January 5, 2012

Urban Farm + Restaurant = Pleasant House

One of the best things about whole rooftop gardening project is the number of interesting people I've met.

Art and Chelsea are a couple I think you'd like to know about.  We were introduced a few years ago, thanks I think, to both of us appearing in Sky Full of Bacon videos.  This latest video makes the connection between their urban farm/gardens and their restaurant Pleasant House Bakery.

Farm To Barstool from Michael Gebert on Vimeo.

Their food is fantastic.  I'm not alone in thinking that--they've been winning plenty of accolades from food writers in the Chicago press as well as enthusiastic ratings from Yelpers.

964 West 31st Street

(773) 523-7437


Irwin Floto said...

Whoa! That's a pretty impressive resto! The dishes that were served are truly good food. Who would have thought that the veggies just came from their urban garden and their neighbor's rooftop? This proves the benefit of having a green roof.

Irwin Floto

H2 said...

Bruce: thanks so much for posting this.

Gebert does a really fine job with these vids, and Art and Chel are rockin' that little resto.

Field trip to Bridgeport? Debbie, meet us there...

Debbie said...

Sound good. Another fun GRG field trip!