Monday, February 20, 2012

Starting Seeds: 2012 Seed Swap

What's not to like about the annual seed swap? Busy people mark tiny packets, open and shake a few to share, close and move on to the next.

A big donation of flower seeds this year, courtesy of Debbie's work with a children's garden. I took a few each of the full-southern exposure lovers and will plant them in our window boxes, along with a couple dozen herbs.  Kitchen garden beautification.

Did I mention there was food? We ate everything but Debbie's homemade BBQ sauce. Seed sorting is hard work.

Debbie also brought a plastic gallon milk jug with cuts made to show me how she uses them for winter sowing (more from her in an upcoming post).

Mmmm--some lovely new additions

I stripped some agretti seeds off their stems to share. We let them go to seed last fall and then dry out, at which point I stuffed whole stems into a paper bag and stored in a dry area.

Don't let anyone tell you saving seed is difficult. That pretty much describes it.


Debbie said...

Yes, it was fun. I have the best garden buddies ever! When I got home I planted my agretti seeds and they sprouted a few days later.

H2 said...

Did you start the agretti in the warmth of inside or outside, Debbie? I'm delighted to know they germinated so quickly.

Debbie said...

I actually soaked it overnight in a wet napkin inside. No lights. It just about sprouted right before my eyes!

H2 said...

Excellent news for seeds from our 2011 harvest.