Monday, February 6, 2012

Starting Seeds: Seed Catalogs and Dr Terry Wahls

As predictably as sap rising in maples, right around this time of year gardeners we know get the itch to plan a garden, think about seeds, start seeds, swear they won't buy any more seeds...and then order seeds.

Even though, uh, they have a great big messy tray filled with many varieties of seeds from previous years.
How lucky are we.

A scant 15 minutes after emailing Debbie regarding seeds for 2012 and why we were both going to try to use up old seed instead of buying new, I was entering my credit card number at Bountiful Gardens. Look at this aztec spinach and tell me you would have done otherwise.

I don't buy much of anything except good food and good shoes. And I can't imagine a better way to spend $20 (OK, $27).  A lot of my order was spent on greens I've not tried before.

Here's my rationale, and if you can't sit through this vid (Minding Your Mitochondria--and FYI mitochondria are the tiny power plants inside your cells), just know that Dr Terry Wahls reversed her multiple sclerosis by essentially eating mountains of greens and other real food (including some of the calorie crops we don't grow but probably should).

After ordering, I went looking for seeds saved from last year's plants plus seed purchased in the last few years. As though blown by a stiff wind, they seemed to have scattered themselves everywhere.

In the roof greenhouse: harvested seed in paper bags and the agretti still on its stem. Plus some random seed heads stuffed into a bucket.

On our second floor I ran into a cache of seeds for cool-weather planting, set aside after starting the indoor greens last fall (plus some Jimmy Nardello seeds).
Downstairs in my gardening closet (aka, my closet) I found last year's warm-weather seeds--tomato, peppers, eggplant, and herbs.
Seeds, everywhere.

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