Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Growing Food Connects Neighbors

Sunday was one of those days that took on the rhythm of growing and the connections it fosters

Here's an example. New friend Brad (below) saw this blog and said: I want to do that. Lacking tools, he emailed Bruce to see if he'd share some for drilling out a few SIPs. Brad wasn't sure where Bruce lived but gave it a shot.

And it turns out they live a scant five blocks apart. Here's Bruce and Brad, with his newly produced five-gallon SIPs (buckets secured from Whole Foods), standing in front of the partly shingled chicken coop.

I met Brad when I arrived to start transplanting the 200+ seedlings that needed to go into larger pots, among them a diverse selection of basil (below), pepper, and eggplant.

He generously volunteered to assist (muchas gracias), and we quickly established a groove, forking up seedlings, labeling grow cups, and re-establishing plants for their final four-week stint under the indoor grow lights. Click this photo to see a trio of extra-vital pepper seedlings, thanks to Bruce planting three seeds for every one requested.

He hedged his bets and as a result we have many extras to share.

In the middle of this, other friend Brad (who blogged this week about his expansive SIP-laden rooftop), stopped by to say hello with own his tiny sprout in tow. (Is GRG being taken over by Brads? We can only hope.)

Talk turned to SIP growing, a hot pepper called Lucifer's Dream (thanks for the seeds, Debbie), seedling sharing, new-friend Brad's southern-exposure deck, old-friend Brad's rooftop cold frames. And homebrew, a project both Brads are immersed in.

Is there a summer tomato-tasting, homebrew toasting in our future? Most excellently, yes.

In this way and many others, 
growing food not only infects us but connects us.


Debbie said...

The basil and peppers look good! Let me know when you'll re-pot the tomatoes and I'll swing by to help.

Brad said...

It was great to meet everyone! I'm thankful to live in an area with such great neighbors; look forward to contributing to the community. Now, if spring would hurry up and get here...

-"New" Brad