Sunday, April 17, 2011

Signs of Spring

The expansion continues... 16 new SIPs are built (for a total of 24), and all but 7 are now loaded with Baccto Pro potting mix. Later today I'll pick up the rest of the potting mix and fill the remaining SIPs. I'll add the fertilizer just before I plant each container.

I finally planted the greens that Bruce started for me. 6 kale, 3 chard, and 4 Asian greens. The chard took a beating last night (they were not under a cold frame). There was ice on the tops of my cold frames this morning - apparently from the wind chill.
The salad mix seeds I started under a cold frame on the 6th have been doing very well. I'll eat the baby greens and thin the container back to a few plants that will be allowed to fully mature.
The roots are showing up... Radishes on the right, barely visible beets on the left. The carrots have not popped through, and are off the image to the left.
I also started some tomatoes under a cold frame:
and some beans:

The cold frame is keep the soil temp 10-12 degrees warmer than the soil without protection. I'm excited to see how these tomatoes and beans do compared to the transplants I'll be getting from Bruce next month.

In this set of rectangular boxes I've seeded Sweet Annie, Korean Licorice Mint, and Bachelor Buttons. I'll add jasmine scented Aztec Nicotiana in a couple weeks (the instructions were clear not to seed it before the danger of last frost). All will grow 2-6' tall, and are useful as medicinals, edibles, or teas, etc.
On the 5th, 26 All Blue seed potatoes were potted in these containers:
Nothing showing yet...

Though Spring is certainly showing in the lilacs. We can't wait for these to bloom.


H2 said...

You've been working hard, Brad. Everything looks splendid!

I'm stunned to see the beans coming up already. If temps are 10-12 degrees warmer under the cold frame, does that suggest they're germinating at about 55 degrees?

Debbie said...

Love the pictures Brad. So you are direct sowing the tomatoes... we winter sowed some and they have just begun to germinate. I am looking forward to seeing how yours will do.

Adam said...
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Adam said...

Wow! Based on how much pots you have on your roof deck, I can tell that you've been busy with your green roof! It's really amazing how you can save Mother Nature, as well as get some benefits from having a green roof. It helps you cool down your room, get clean, fresh air, and provides you a place where you can plant your herbs and vegetables other than your window!

Adam Waterford