Sunday, April 24, 2011

Making SIPs for Earth Day

Yesterday The Singing Seed (Little Green Girl and I) were asked to host a SIP making workshop for kids at an Earth Day celebration in Broadview, IL. We gladly agreed. Kara presented pictures of our garden and we co-taught the SIP class. We love teaching families and kids how to garden and eat healthier!

After sharing our presentation we had a food tasting with some Buttercrunch lettuce with a side of yummy balsamic vinegar dressing. The kids gobbled up their samples and some asked for another, we then made our SIPs and planted the same lettuce seedling. We think the kids really enjoyed the workshop, they looked excited to go home with their very own little garden!

Sometimes it's hard to determine how complex or simple the content taught in a kids workshop should be, but we could tell that the kids really got into making their own SIPs!

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H2 said...

Well done, you two. That's one happy, SIP-loving crowd.