Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More Chicken Coop Anatomy

Yesterday we posted this photo about our field trip to the in-progress chicken coop.

Clearly, Bruce has been busy.

Here's today's view, with the three nesting boxes built out on that same wall. In final form, a hinged door will allow the hungry omelet maker to lift and remove eggs.

Here's an inside look showing the perchlike board edge chickens will land on. From there it's a quick hop into one of the nesting boxes lined with fluffy bedding for a comfortable egg landing.

Indoors under the shop lights, our half dozen basil varieties are up. Click to enlarge and view the Purple Dark Opal basil from Seed Saver's Exchange, already revealing its genetic destiny.


Debbie said...
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Debbie said...

I wish I was a chicken just so I could live in that chicken coop!

Enid said...

I agree with Debbie .. it is a beautiful coop. Can't wait to see chickens in there. I will love to have something like it. In Puerto Rico you don't get to see these kind of coops. Ours are a chicken wire square structure with something in the top to protect chicken from rain and wind, no floor and I am not sure where do they lay eggs.